Printable labels

Printable labels for your lever arch file

We have created printable, transparent labels to cover the description block that is generic to every lever arch file.

Sold as A4 sheets, with 15 labels to a sheet.

It is as simple as

1) downloading the label template to create your own labels, then

2) feeding the transparent label sheets through the printer, one at a time.

(Please note that these products are for use in Laser Jet printers and copiers and are not suitable for Inkjet printers.)


Label template bigger font

Label template smaller font

The PDF label templates has to be viewed in Acrobat or Adobe reader:

get adobe reader


How to use the label template

  1. Once you received your clear label sheet from Design-A-File,
    download the label template.
  2. The PDF label template has to be viewed in Acrobat or Adobe
  3. Open one of the label templates. The one has a slightly larger
    font type than the other one.
  4. If you only see a blank screen, with no visible blocks/cells,
    click on “Highlight Existing Fields” in the top right-hand corner of the
    label template.
  5. Each label block has three cells for the typing of text.  Hover
    over each cell until a outlined block appear.  Click in the cell and start
    typing your text.
  6. Then save the document: File > Save as > whatever you want to name
  7.   Ensure that your printer settings are set to:
    –         Page Layout: A4 portrait
    –         Page size: actual size/no scaling.
  8. First print onto white plain paper and hold up to the light
    against a sheet of labels to check that your text is aligned.
  9. It is advisable to feed a label sheet through a printer only once.
  10. You might have to cut away the bottom part of the clear label,
    depending on the size of your file. (After you have printed)