Owner and creator of Design-a-File, Helene Oosthuizen, is zealous about design and its ability to transform the mundane into the captivating.

Good design makes me excited and sets my mind to work. One of my special treats is to page through home décor magazines in search of inspiration and ideas.

Even just to look at beautiful things or visit places with strong design elements feeds my soul and makes me happy. It gives me the same kind of contentment as walking along a beach on a wonderful day.”

Helene is hoping to take the Design-a-File concept and turn it into a success story incorporating an ever-expanding portfolio of design motifs to match all colour schemes and interiors for the office and workplace.

I hope Design-A-File will give people the opportunity to apply simple décor concepts to their lifestyles. Now there is no need to hide the unattractive Lever Arch files behind closed doors but instead create a visually striking dimension to your interior through the application of the Design-A-File concept.”

Whilst an artistic spark has always fueled Helene personally, her professional career up until recently has limited her opportunities for creativity.

After qualifying with a Diploma in Specialized Education at the University of Stellenbosch, Helene worked as a Speech Teacher before joining Stellenbosch University in an administrative capacity. This was followed by her tenure as a Marketing Co-ordinator and then as Guest Relations Manager within the wine industry.

I now want to have my own business, to work for myself and do something creative that brings me joy.”

The idea for Design-A-File happened more by chance than intention through Helene’s own persistence to find a practical solution whereby she could differentiate between her files and those of her husband’s and to ensure they were not an eyesore on the wall-mounted bookshelves of the room.

Helene has big ambitions for Design-A-File and hopes to one day incorporate photographs into the range that will offer a uniquely South African twist too.